About Us

Your vacation is our business and we take that responsibility very seriously!

The Signature Jazz Cruise is produced by Entertainment Cruise Productions, LLC, the worldwide leader in the production of jazz cruise programs. Entertainment Cruise Productions, LLC (ECP) has produced over 50 full ship music charters and nearly 40 of them have featured “jazz”.

ECP has produced 14 sailings of The Jazz Cruise, the first and only full ship charter in the world dedicated to “straight ahead” jazz. The Jazz Cruise is the most celebrated “straight ahead” jazz event of the year and attracts guests from 45 states and more than 20 different countries. ECP has produced more than 20 cruises that have featured what most people now call Contemporary Jazz. The cruises have been produced under several names, primarily The Smooth Jazz Cruise, or as its fans call it, the Greatest Party at Sea! The remaining jazz cruises have had various themes including our North Sea Jazz Cruise, Playboy Jazz Cruise and, now, The Signature Jazz Cruise on Seabourn.

At ECP, all of our decisions about the cruise are based upon one central theme… ”what is best for our guests!” Our commitment to personal service, guest satisfaction and making sure that every detail is covered cannot be surpassed by any other theme cruise company in the world. From the time that you first inquire about the cruise, through your reservation process, the cruise itself and any post cruise matters, we are here to assist you in any way. You will meet us, talk to us and will have the opportunity to share your ideas with us.

60% of the guests on any one of our cruises are folks that have sailed with us before. That fact speaks for itself. We will never disappoint you.